Business Research Program

The Business Institute Research Centre is designed to tutor the knowledge of witty inventions for great profiting in businesses through the principles of business lifestyle to unlock the rich hidden potential in every business venture, making it a global phenomenal. This Centre analyzes the time sequence required at every stage of a business activity. The Research Centre provides: witty publications, inspirational public speaking, royalty seminars, leadership coaching and consultancy applicable to schools, businesses, companies, institutions and organizations.


The curricular outlines the business research program and is constructed to equip the trainee with prerequisite basic knowledge required to execute a successful business venture through a time series analogy incorporating the witty inventions of the seven business levels as a strategy for the business research courses in the Institute. The curriculum seeks to address the growing need for professionalism in the business industries through a compendium of wisdom and knowledge applicable in all manner of workmanship, resulting in multiple business opportunities available in the world today without searching for a white collar job. Everyone is created with a lot of work to do deposited in each individual which forms the personality of the individual called lifestyle. It is to you as far as you can cultivate, empower, produce, acquire, establish, expand, and multiply the business idea. Therefore, all that is required is for you to know your personality and sell the creativity of your inherent ability to the global market. Our destiny is unlimited in nature, but it is limited to our discovery. Be rest assured that Wittitech Business Institute got you covered with relevant information to become all you adventure to experience. The research curriculum covers five courses namely: the swiftest methods to run a business, the strength to battle challenges in business, the wisdom to generate money in business, the understanding of accessing riches in business, and the skills to attract favour in business with twenty-eight lecture sessions to equip the trainee with the knowledge of the times and seasons to execute the stages of a business venture.