Business Incubation Club

Business Incubation Club

Business incubators are facilities that provide shared resources for young businesses, such as office space, consultants, and personnel. They may also provide access to financing and technical support. For new businesses, these services provide a more protected environment in which to grow before they become self-sustaining. The ultimate goal of any business incubator is to produce viable businesses, called "graduates" of the incubator.


Entrepreneurs face many common challenges as they seek to transform their ideas into high-growth companies. The connection to the right mentors, education, partners, influencers, and investors is critical to their success. At Wittitech Business Incubation Club (WBIC) membership means members are joining a community of these mentors, partners, influencers, and investors. Members will have direct access to our resources, as well as have the capability to share these resources with entrepreneurs. Becoming a WBIC member illustrates your dedication to global prosperity through entrepreneurship.


WBIC provides a wide range of services that enable our members to build high-impact entrepreneurial ecosystem in every type of community or industry. We host conferences and leadership summits while providing globally-recognized thought leadership, research, education and professional development and program accreditation for top-tier entrepreneurship members. Most importantly, we facilitate authentic connections, mentorship, and peer-to-peer collaboration for all of our members.


The Business Incubation Management Program (BIMP) is the premier industry credential for the members of the incubator, in the development of small business centers and other entrepreneurship businesses. The courses required to complete the certificate are available both online and at many of our events. The BIMP Certificate requires members to take nine courses and complete a final exam in each. Once member have passed all nine courses, the member will receive an official certificate! All nine courses are offered both online and in person at events of the club.