Wittitech Business Institute is establish to build sustainable human capital and raise up the business foundations of many generations with purpose driven ventures. To sufficiently undertake the outsourcing services of the consultancy, we offer training services to develop professionalism in executing peculiar operations in the facilities industry from our resourceful management expertise with optimum satisfaction and envisaged the need to spread across other business industries. Therefore, the Institute seeks to promote the growth of new businesses and educate the business and investor community about the benefits of our business incubator.

We provide business development and sustainability services to build passionate lifestyles into profitable business ventures in all trades, each one according to the individual’s ability. The institute is comprised of business incubator developers and managers, corporate joint venture partners, venture capital investors, and economic development professionals to reconstruct, restore, revive and resurrect the business foundations in many generations that have become a desolation due to the eminent paradigm drift from successful standards through the Wittitech Business Institute Programs (WBIP).

The institute task team explores and nurtures the business potentials inherent in every trainee; And to one was given five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his/her several ability to trade in an occupation. With regard to the task, this Institute teaches the principal laws that govern successful businesses from the multitude of counsellors with the knowledge of wisdom, through a systematic approach of research and training programs established to find out knowledge of witty inventions in all business fields. The Institute runs these programs concurrently as a unified system to equip the trainee with both the theoretical and practical knowledge in business ventures.



Having decided on a trade, the program offers a quick entry to the field. The training sometimes takes as little as twelve weeks and within the period the trainee may have acquired the skills he/she needs to get started. If the trainee need to get a diploma certificate, it is possible to get it within two years. The Institute major in business ventures that may not be possible if the trainee were to study for an academic degree. The ventures are built upon the lifestyle of the trainee through the business programs of the Institute.


Considering that programs are designed for both unprofessional and professionals in search of a trade skill in the business industry. The programs are very flexible in terms of the study requirements. The courses give the trainee the option of starting out when it is convenient. Trainees can also choose to study online or part-time depending on their schedule.


One of the biggest advantages of the training courses is that the trainee get to join his/her dream business venture. Some students in academic courses may enroll in programs that they are not certain about. With the business courses, the trainee make a choice to join the industry he/she has the passion and ability to occupy.


If the trainees love hands-on experience, the business training program is designed for them. The program include a lot of practical approaches to learning as opposed to academic programs. During the lessons, the trainees encounter real-life situations that they will deal with on the job. The approach ensures that the trainees are ready for the job as soon as it is available. Most of the instructors in the Institute have hands-on experience and will teach the trainees the skills they have gained through practice.


A huge advantage of enrolling for the business training program is that most of the skills are in demand. Whether the trainees train for the information technology or fashion industry, the trainees are assured of becoming self-employed as soon as they are through with the training or become a candidate of the institute outsourcing services. Being a specialized training, the trainees will excel in the business of their choice because of the training they have received.


If the trainee have identified his/her trade of choice from the array of business industries listed on the Institute platform, taking business training courses will ensure that the trainee get started right away and the trainee can start earning some good income in a matter of weeks. The Institute’s reputable passion for quality training is a special indication of the ingenious knowledge the programs provides in the business world. The business programs normally lead to industrial skills certificates and diplomas. These programs are important and can either be a basis to a career, or an enhancement in any career discipline. Apart from being important, the programs are easy to integrate since they have been designed to help trainee learn fast, and in most cases, the programs are more practical than theory. Furthermore, they take a considerable amount of time making them easy for trainee to learn. There are many industrial courses offered with vast business applications, to find out more, log online and find details of the courses.


The knowledge of the programs are applicable to all trades in the business industry. If the trainee is passionate about starting and owning a business, but he/she is bankrupt of profitable ideas to implement, then benefit maximally from this well thought out business ideas the trainee can actually start on his/her own with proven market demand. This table contains hundreds of small and medium scale business to start.

Business Institute

The knowledge of the programs are applicable to all trades in the business industry. If the trainee is passionate about starting and owning a business,. Learn more

Research Program

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Industrial Center

The business institute training Centre is designed for acquisition of the knowledge of wisdom in witty inventions according to the industrial .

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Incubation Club

Business incubators are facilities that provide shared resources for young businesses, such as office space, consultants, and personnel.

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Our Core Values

  • To promote and practice professional conduct and work ethics at all times.
  • To provide exceptional quality service, second to none.
  • To work co-operatively with our staff and clients as a team.
  • To support our staff and clients to achieve a common goal.
  • To always maintain integrity, fairness and honesty - the cornerstones on which Wittitech Maintenance Consultancy was founded.
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  • To stay well informed of new techniques and new products.
  • To be an environmentally responsible consultancy.
  • To have fun at work and keep a sense of humour