about us


Wittitech Network is a trade consultancy that provides outsourcing services for the business industry with products and services poised at meeting clientele serviceable needs. We specialize in ‘Trade Management’: And to sufficiently undertake these services, we offer clients trained specialists with wealth of experience to execute peculiar operations in the industries from our resourceful management expertise for optimum satisfaction.

When clients need products or services in any trade of the business industry, Wittitech Network has client covered. The acquisition experts at Wittitech Consultancy make it easy for clients to access our vast selection of products, along with the new ancillary repair & alterations. Wittitech Network goal is to provide services that improve comfort of life and productivity; a supply of secure, equitable, affordable and sustainable services.

Wittitech Network direct, hands-on approach and personal perfect touch is what separates us from the rest. We are committed to establishing a successful partnership with our clients by designing a custom tailored schedule of service to meet individual needs. Our complete trade supplies, installations, maintenance, and hiring service icon has earned a reputable record of service and respect from all trades of the community.

We presently service; Real Estates, Airports, Professional Office Complexes, Government Buildings, Medical Facilities, Industrial Plants, Financial Institutions, Educational Facilities, Recreation Centers, Retail Centers, Construction Sites, and much more.

Our Strength

Building Sanitary Systems
Building Designs
Building Security Systems
Building Janitorial Systems


Our Mission

We are designated to be the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the paths to dwell in business. Therefore, to achieve this, our mission is focused on building witty inventions to promote the trade business industry and educate the business and investor community about the benefits of our business incubator that is equipped in providing high quality outsourcing services to commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.

Core values

  • To promote and practice professional conduct and work ethics at all times.
  • To provide exceptional quality service, second to none.
  • To work co-operatively with our staff and clients as a team.
  • To support our staff and clients to achieve a common goal.
  • To always maintain integrity, fairness and honesty - the cornerstones on which Wittitech network was founded.
  • To be able to adjust to meet the changing needs of our customers and marketplace.
  • To stay well informed of new techniques, technologies and new products.
  • To be an environmentally responsible consultancy.
  • Our Vision

    The vision of the network seeks to provide the business and investor community a network of products and services delivery in partnership with the trade business industry.

    Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our consultancy business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth:

  • To establish partners that will build a sustainable human capital; to raise up the business foundations of many generations through reconstruction, remodeling, restoration and rejuvenation of purpose driven ventures;
  • To establish partners that will build the human infrastructural facilities and resources; to raise up the foundations of many generations through reconstruction, remodeling, renovation and reproduction of the business industry in the built environment.
  • Why Chose Us

    Wittitech Network is a conglomerate designed online marketplace and a commercial market hub for business transactions in the business industry.

    Wittitech Consultancy has a driven passion to service the needs of the client at an affordable rate that will meet the client's desirable satisfaction from our wealth of expertise: client can safely assume that all trade services are guaranteed.

    Wittitech Business Institute has the ability to teach in wisdom, understanding and knowledge all kinds of workmanship of the business industry; the knowledge applicable to all trades in the business industry.

    What we do

    Organize your Wires: PVC trays for fiber cables, plus cable ladders and fiberglass, Well-managed and maintained networking cables and cords are critical to successful data center or computer room operation. carry out the Electrical installation, portable appliance connections, lightning protection system testing

    Pre-engineered buildings with, structural steel frame allows the flexibility to combine and integrate building components of traditional and composite, Solid Wall Plastic Pipes provide ease of construction, hydraulic efficiency, corrosion and chemical resistance, and watertight joints

    Structural component

    Pre-engineered buildings with, structural steel frame allows the flexibility to combine and integrate building components of traditional and composite, Solid Wall Plastic Pipes provide ease of construction, hydraulic efficiency, corrosion and chemical resistance, and watertight joints.

    When building permits are approved" You can safely assume that all construction activity, from initial grading of a site to interior improvements, alterations and most repairs are guaranteed

    Building Design

    Our History

    We started from our humble beginnings in 2005, when Mr Peter Okhimamhe conceived the idea and initiated a small business in the construction industry to replace and repair building electrical fixtures & fittings, which is rapidly growing into a formidable consultancy. Being the founder and president of the consultancy, after over 10 years of continued success, we entered the trade network business in 2015, a move that would dramatically reshape the consultancy and revolutionize the business industry marketplace.

    Wittitech Trade Network is the one of the largest and reliable business services trade network provider in Nigeria through our vast partnership, with several customers. We are currently partnering with local and international stakeholders to meet the perfect requirement of our prospective customers.

    Building Fabricates Systems

    Building Structural Components

    Building Appliances Systems

    Accessories Systems